Dimona burns in the sun | my graduation project; catalogue and textile design.

The project contains 6 fabrics (150X100 cm each one) and 3 one of a kind catalogues.

The project is a textile series that depicts a portrait of Dimona, the town I grew up in (Dimona is a small southern city in the desert of Israel), Through expressions of memory and longing.

The buildings which represented in this project are government buildings\public buildings in the city that tell the story of Dimona.

I chose textile as the main platform of the project because of the two textile factories that were established in the city and take a big part of the city's story.

The technique I used is "Cyanotype" (sun-print). This technique allowed me to express the hard sun that characterises the city, while corresponding with architectural plans (blue prints) and using the color blue which is the negative of the desert.

The catalogues